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Yamaha SY series (SY-list)

This page provides documentation, sounds and programs for the Yamaha SY/TG series of synths. Most of the data here was uploaded or contributed by people on the long gone SY mailing list. Some of the material is more of historic value. I did clean up stuff that I know is not free to distribute. If I forgot something, please let me know.



SY-README answers questions about ftp, file formats and how to get those sounds into the synth.
SY-FAQ probably answers anything you ever wanted to know about SYs.
SY Programming (0.60) My "book" about SY sound programming. The emphasis is on FM programming on the SY/TG 77/99, but other synthesis techniques and synths are covered as well. TODO: update, change license to CC-by-sa and provide source file package.
Mail-Archive the postings of the good old sy-list ordered by year/month.
Documentation directory listing of all the documentation above


SY22, TG33, SY35 sounds in MIDI SysEx format for these partially compatible machines.
SY55/TG55 a collection of soundfiles.
SY85 many sound-files with and without samples in ALL-DATA format.
TG500 sound-files in MIDI (SMF) and Mac SysEx (see MAC) format.
SY77 many sounds in ALL-DATA and SYNTH-ALL formats plus some goodies.
TG77 very few sounds in MIDI format. If you want to use SY77 sound files with the TG77 you have to use a conversion program. Please have a look at the computer software page in either the PC or UNIX/MISC section.
SY99 all the sounds of the SY77 plus lots more - including samples and a Cubase mixer map.
hejabank my personal set of SY99 sound banks, includes orgininals and lots of edited "best-of" sounds. beware: FX and controller settings are extreme and tuned to my strange HW setup
Data directory listing of all the data files above



SAMPLES samples in all formats, including SY disk format, MIDI SDS and WAV
MISC contains lots of miscellaneous stuff (including drum patterns in SMF and Cubase).
tunings alternative tuning tables compiled by Jeff Harrington (in 77/99/VL MIDI format).
PC PC software
Mac Macintosh software
ATARI Atari ST software
AMIGA Amiga software